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Hello everyone,

Let me introduce you briefly to Columbia Band & Wine (B&W).

Since 2013, B&W has been playing music together in weekly sessions and performances.

Composed of Columbia alumni members who gather to play their instruments, including piano, violin, cello, saxophone, flute, clarinet, and the drums, our repertoires include but not limited to jazz, pop, and classic. And of course, let us not forget about the wine, which simply gives a great time to chat and have a good laugh.

Recently, we have formed Band6 within Band & Wine for more intensive practice. We believe that playing in a band is not just the sum total of the instruments – it is about the way we come together, listen to different sounds, and most important, enjoy playing with others.

We’ve had some successes recently, including charity performance at DobongguSilverTown care home,Onyang Folk Museum, and of course, the annual performance at the end-of-year gala, which made a great finale. Our upcoming schedule includes performance on the 26th September, 2014 at the President Hotel, ‘A Night of NY Jazz in autumn’.

All throughout the year, we’re looking for members of Columbia University to join us and help us take this success to the next level.

We meet every Monday for practice, 7-10pm in Power House Studio, Garosoogil, Sinsa dong.

Hopefully,this give you enough information about B&W, but if you want to find out more about us, feel free to contact by email at [email protected].

Your interest and participation will be much appreciated!

We look forward to hear from you.


 2013 Year End Gala Korea








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