Columbia University Alumni Association of Korea Membership Fee
[Notice : '24 Annual Fee Payment Guide]


Dear Alumni,

According to Article  5, Paragraphs 1  and  2  of the bylaws of the General Alumni Association which was unanimously approved by the alumni in attendance at the annual General Meeting  held on December 8  last year, from this year, the membership will be divided into regular members and associate members according to whether members pay the annual membership fee.  

[Article 5 of the Constitution (Rights and Obligations of Members)]

Paragraph 1 Regular members are those who have paid annual dues and have the right to attend General Meetings, vote and be elected at the General Assembly. Members of the General Assembly have the right to participate in various events organized by the General Assembly.

Paragraph 2  The members of the General Assembly shall pay a prescribed membership fee every year for the maintenance and development of the General Assembly and abide by the bylaws.

[Annual Membership Fee/Period/Benefits]

Annual membership fee : 10,000 won/1 person

Regular Membership Period: March 1,  2024 ~ February 28, 2025 (1 year)

Full Member/Associate Member Rights and Benefits

Associate Member

  1. Check the news of the alumni association on the alumni association channel (website, Facebook, Instagram, Kakao Talk, etc.) and upload promotional posts related to yourself  (or your organization)
  2. You can participate in the official events of the alumni association (however, early bird tickets are not possible)


  1. The benefits mentioned above and the following additional benefits are available
  2. Rights to attend General Meetings, vote, run for office and be elected
  3. Right to access and use CAA Korea’s dedicated flag during weddings and funerals
  4. For official events, availability of "Early Bird" ticket fee and discounts

Payment method:  Payment to the following alumni association account by February 29 (Thu)

  1. Annual fee : 10,000 won/1 person
  2. Annual fee payment deadline : February 15 (Thu) ~ 29 (Thu), 24 (2 weeks)
  3. Account Holder (Lee Sang-min_Columbia) / Bank Name (Kakao Bank) / Account Number (7979-80-48652)
  4. When making a deposit, be sure to fill in (1) your name, (2) your college, and (3)  your graduation year!!

[Precautions for Annual Fee Payment]

If the annual membership fee is paid after the above payment deadline has passed, the regular membership period is from the date of payment of the annual membership fee until February 28, '25 (not retroactive/cannot be extended). This can affect your ability to obtain early-bird tickets and request CAA Korea's flag, so please pay your annual fee on time.  

Annual fee waiver

  • Among the officers of the alumni association, those who have paid more than 1 million won every year (President, advisors, Vice Presidents)
  • Alumni who have donated 50,000 won or more or sponsorship prizes (50,000 won or more) to the alumni association between March 1, 2023 ~ February 29, 2024  > should write "24 Year Annual Fee Waiver Request: Alumni Name_College_Graduation Year  and send it to  the alumni association email (  [email protected]).


  1. Annual Fee : Board of Directors_Finance Team Director_Kim Min ('07CBS)
  2. Deposit: Board of Directors_Finance Team Accounting Director_Lee Sang-Min ('20SIPA)
  3. For questions :

As you can see from the annual fee of 10,000 won per person, the alumni association does not ask for a membership fee that is too burdensome for alumni to pay. Of course, it's not a small amount of money, but I think that the annual fee, which is about  the price of two cups of Starbucks coffee, is the minimum obligation that each member can do to ensure that the organization to which he or she belongs can continue to exist. As I mentioned at the last General Meeting, we, the Columbia University Alumni Association of Korea, which has  about 2,800 members and is the largest among the Ivy League Alumni Associations, need the active participation and cooperation of our alumni in order to continue to operate continuously and systematically.  If each and every one of our alumni actively participates in the "Annual Fee of 10,000 Won per person"  campaign,  we will repay the alumni with "more benefits" and "more diverse events " based on more abundant and stable finances in the future. We look forward to your cooperation. Thank you.

Columbia University Alumni Association of Korea President Yongho Kim (‘92GSAS)