June 26, 2023

[CAA Korea Official Event : 2023 New Student Send-off & New Alumni Welcoming Report]

Dear alumni,

The recent New Student Send-off & New Alumni Welcoming concluded successfully with 157 participants in attendance at Yonsei University on June 17th. 

As part of the event, an orientation took place from 2 to 5 pm, including a welcoming video, CAA Korea President speech, and a brief time to introduce and recognize the CAA Korea directors, new students, current students and recently graduated alumni members. The second part of the orientation was an information session to learn about campus life and success tips prepared for new students. For recently graduate alumni, a parallel session was held to introduce CAA Korea activities. 

Beginning 6pm, an informal dinner with drinks took place at a nearby restaurant. Grouped by schools, more experienced members were able to share additional insights on classes, city life, and future careers. 

CAA Korea aims to continue our efforts to bring alumni together through community events. We’d like to express our appreciation to all alumni who attended and assisted in making this event successful. 

Let’s go Lions! Roar Lions! :) 

The CAA Korea Board