Official Alumni Association Event: 2024 Columbia Forum

Dear Columbia Alumni,


As the first official event of the year, we will hold an event rich in history, "The Columbia Forum." The speaker of the forum will be 김형두 ('01CLS), a Justice on the Constitutional Court of Korea. Before taking on his current role since March of last year, Justice Kim served several other positions including, 서울중앙지법 부장판사, 법원행정처 차장, 서울고등법원 부장판사. Unlike past forums that were more lecture based, the forum this year will also give you the opportunity to tour the main places inside and outside of the Constitutional Court. In addition, after Justice Kim's lecture on the topic of "Trials in the World," there will be a Q&A session where you can ask questions and hear the stories behind actual cases that were recently ruled by the Constitutional Court. After the forum, we will move to a pub and hold a networking session with Justice Kim. Due to the special nature of the venue, we will restrict the number of people to 70 alumni on a first-come, first-serve basis.


[Event information]


* Event : 2024 Columbia Forum

* Date : 2024. 4. 27 (Sat), 3:00- 6:30pm

* Venue : 헌법재판소 대강당 Constitutional Court of Korea

* Address : 서울 종로구 북촌로 15, 헌법재판소,  15 Bukchon-ro, Jongno-gu, Seoul

* Eligibility

  • Alumni (full members and associate members)

(※ Note: Alumni's family and friends are not allowed to attend)

* Number of participants: Limited to 70 people! (First-come, first-serve basis)

* Speaker : 김형두 ('01CLS), Justice on the Constitutional Court of Korea

* Registration & Fee

  • Early Bird admission: 30,000 KRW/1 person (Registration period: 4.2 (Tues) ~ 4.12 (Fri) 6:00pm) - only allowed for full members
  • Adults: 40,000 KRW/1 person (Registration period: 4.13 (Sat) ~ 4.20 (Sat) 6:00pm)

* Registration form: Fill out and submit in the Google form below

* Deposit Account Information

  • Kakao Bank / 7979-80-48652 / Lee Sang-min (CAA Korea_Accounting Director)
  • When sending the participation fee, be sure to fill in (1) your name (2) your graduation school and (3) Graduation year

* Other information

  • You cannot register on the day of the event
  • No show, no refund
  • You need to fill out the registration and pay on the same day. If you register during early bird time but do not pay, you will not be on the list
  • Regardless of whether you attend the networking session, the price of admission is the same
  • You cannot only attend the networking session


[Event program]


* 3:00-3:30pm: Registration

* 3:30-4:00pm : Welcome remarks from President of CAA Korea and Speaker of the Forum

* 4:00-5:00pm: Tour 

* 5:00-5:30pm: Lecture by Justice Kim

* 5:30-6:10pm: Q&A

* 6:10-6:30pm: Closing remarks by President of CAA Korea, information about June event, group photo

* 6:30-7:00pm: Move to networking event

* 7:00-9:00pm: Networking event


※ Inquiries about registration: Rawon Yim ('20SIPA) Director of Communications [email protected]/ 010-4713-2951

※ Inquiries regarding deposit: Son Dongmin (GS '23) Manager of Funds (010-8840-8004)


We look forward to your participation!


Columbia University Alumni Association Korea Executive Board

April 27, 2024 at 3:00pm - 6:30pm

Constitutional Court of Korea

15 Bukchon-ro Jongno-gu
Seoul 03060
South Korea

Rawon Yim